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Longfellow Bridge Restoration

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Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Client: STV Incorporated

Copley Wolff Design Group’s scope includes the restoration of the esplanade where the Longfellow Bridge touches down in both the Boston and Cambridge parklands. In a modern gesture to Olmsted’s original 1892 plan, CWDG is carrying forth the intent to create small quiet garden spaces within the bustling urban setting. 

In addition, a contemporary pedestrian bridge to serve as a link from Charles Circle to the Esplanade parkland is being constructed. The new pedestrian bridge will climb into the canopy of the esplanade trees as it arches over Storrow Drive, providing the sensation of walking through the trees. CWDG worked rigorously with the design team to ensure the survival of the trees located in the construction zone. To minimize disturbance and compaction, CWDG and the team determined where the critical root zones are as well as provided strategic pruning of the tree canopy. Other features of Copley Wolff Design Group’s design include interpretive and educational components and hardscape material selection.

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