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Montshire Museum of Science - Science Park


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Location: Norwich, Vermont
Client: Montshire Museum of Science

Copley Wolff Design Group worked with the Museum to expand its exhibit area from the main building out into the landscape through the new two-acre “Science Park.” Science Park combines a number of functions - it houses exhibits that invite visitors to interact with water, light, sound, and other natural phenomena; provides an amphitheater for gatherings from concerts to informal talks; orients visitors to the surrounding site and guides them to the trails into the surrounding meadows, forests, and wetlands; and provides a route to the riverfront, through a new tunnel under an existing railroad.

Copley Wolff Design Group provided master planning, site programming, design, and construction administration services.

Image credits: (1,2,4-8) Photo Courtesy Jim Westphalen, (3) CWDG

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