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Worcester Trial Court

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Location: Worcester, Massachusetts
Client: DCAM - Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott

The site of the Massachusetts Trial Court is located in a historic district on Main Street, one block south of the former Worcester Trial Court complex. The new facility houses 19 courtrooms as well as various court support spaces.

Copley Wolff Design Group designed the public entry to be fully accessible to parents with strollers, seniors, and others with mobility issues. Smaller gathering spaces with granite and brick pavers, seatwalls, trees, and perennials were incorporated into the forecourt on either side of the center sloped walk. CWDG's design of the streetscape surrounding the building was intended to integrate with the historic district, extending the feeling of Main Street beyond its current northern limits. Design elements include unit paver sidewalks with granite bands, decorative light fixtures, stone benches, street trees, and litter receptacles. Security has also been integrated into the site design through the placement and detailing of raised planters, stone bollards, benches, street lamps, trees, and signage which all work together to define and protect the perimeter.

Image credits: CWDG

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