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Jefferson at Malden Center


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Location: Malden, Massachusetts
Client: CBT/Childs Bertman Tseckares, Inc.

Jefferson at Malden Center is a unique transit-oriented mixed-use development that will reconnect Malden’s primary retail street with the MBTA Station. The development is comprised of two blocks - the north block and the South Block.

Copley Wolff Design Group is designing the streetscape, two amenity decks, and a central plaza. The design of the plaza incorporates raised green space and a large feature wall. The design of one of the amenity decks includes a pool, pergolas, a fire pit, a gaming area, an outdoor kitchen, and a lawn for outdoor activities. The second amenity deck will contain a fire pit and seating area for residents to enjoy the views of the Boston skyline.

Image credits: (01-03) CBT, (04) CWDG

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