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Allston Yards


Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Client: Stantec and Bozzuto

Copley Wolff Design Group is assisting in the design of the pedestrian environment and public spaces within the new mixed-use development consisting of retail, residential, office space, and a new grocery store.

The site design establishes a cohesive program of a shared street system with public spaces to engage visitors and reflect the unique characteristics of the neighborhood. Copley Wolff’s scope of work includes design of the streetscape, a community roof top garden, a neighborhood park, and connections to a new Commuter Rail train station.

The streetscape is comprised of a wide permeable paver furnishing strip with stone seats and raised planters; a sidewalk-level cycle track; information pylons; areas for bike sharing programs; and outdoor retail and dining spaces. The community garden will be located on the roof top of a new grocery store and will be open to residents. The neighborhood park will contain an interactive water feature, a custom-designed shade pergola, and flexible open spaces for public art, festivals, and farmer’s markets.

 Image credits: (01-04) CWDG

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