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Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Client: Skanska

Copley Wolff Design Group designed a 70-foot-wide pedestrian promenade located in Boston’s Seaport District. With approximately 16,500-square-feet of tree-lined open space, Harbor Way will act as an outdoor museum and will serve as the first link within a series of pedestrian connector parks that will establish a green corridor running from the northern Seaport Square parks to the southern residential parcels. Harbor Way’s concept was inspired by the nautical and industrial history of the site.

Functioning as an outdoor museum, Harbor Way will provide both public amenity space and historic insight. It will feature informational “stops” that incorporate found objects, informational graphics, feature lighting, and a to-scale sculpture representing the historic ship’s structural bones. Copley Wolff and the design team introduced Augmented Reality (AR) into the design which will provide a secondary informational experience through the layering of animated graphics over the built landscape features.

Image credits: (1-4)Skanska

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