Appleton Mill

Location: Lowell, Massachusetts
Client: Trinity Financial/ICON Architecture, Inc.

Copley Wolff Design Group was involved with the planning, design, and permitting for Phase One of the Hamilton Canal District Master Plan which includes 13 acres of new mixed-use development as well as a possible extension of the trolley system.

Phase one involved the rehabilitation of the historic Appleton Mill and Freudenberg building and the exterior mill yard. Reflecting the districts original industrial materials, CWDG's design of the mill yard includes rain gardens that are partially enclosed by stacked block seatwalls that allude to the canal walls and a lighted fountain running parallel to the original penstocks, symbolizing the conveying of water to power the original turbines while also emphasizing the gateway connection across the canal.

Image Credits: 01 - 04, 06 (CWDG) 05 (JD Sloan)

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