Old North Church

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Client: Old North Foundation

Copley Wolff Design Group is designing a new garden adjacent to the Washington Courtyard of the Old North Church, located in the historic North End of Boston. The garden will be named the Longfellow Garden and will act as an outdoor classroom, educating students about the meaning and history of Longfellow’s “Paul Revere’s Ride” poem.

The design concept enlarges the garden’s entrance; introduces trees and planting varieties of historical significance; and contains raised plant beds to provide seating. The scope of work also includes the introduction of a large glass and water feature, on which Longfellow’s poem will be engraved.

The adjacent Courtyard will be repaired and reconfigured to blend seamlessly into the Longfellow Garden, creating a large outdoor space to host receptions and events.

Image Credits: 01 - 04 (Copley Wolff)

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