Wilcox Park

Location: Westerly, Rhode Island
Client: Wilcox Library

Wilcox Park, a 14-acre park designed in 1899, is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. To ensure its continued representation, Copley Wolff Design Group reviewed all available historical materials in order to understand the intent of the original design. Copley Wolff studied the evolution of the park’s improvements since its inception, and then evaluated and inventoried the features and improvements to the park in order to determine their impact, condition, and/or contribution to the original park concept.

The site consists of a central pathway that meanders beneath a canopy of mature trees around an open meadow that plays host to summer concerts, performances, fairs, and festivals. The park also contains sculptures, several public monuments, a half-acre pond, a fountain, plant collections, and numerous architectural elements that have been added over time. The preservation of both the landscape and features within the park has provided the Town of Westerly with its most precious jewel.

Image Credits: 01 - 05 (Copley Wolff)

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